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Does your Outbound Engine Sound Like the Following?

Poor Deliverability is Slowing you Down

Inside sales or marketing are sending 100+ emails a day per person using your sales engagement tools (Outreach, Salesloft, Groove, etc.) - from your company’s primary domain. Hint: this is why your outbound performance appears to be off in reporting.

Poor Data Hygiene Costs you $$$$

Your sales team fills your CRM with thousands of junk contacts with the help of ZoomInfo, Apollo, and wacky Chrome extensions. Ditch the junk contacts and unreliable sources—our precision data targeting gets you to the finish line faster.

Weak Email Offers that Don’t Stand Out

There’s nothing in your message that sets you apart from the hundreds of other emails your prospects get every day.

An Underperforming Team and Pressure is Mounting

Your reps are defeated, talent is harder to recruit and retain, and you are sick and tired of delivering disappointing news to leadership (or maybe they’re also used to terrible benchmarks).

How We Get you the Gold

You wake up every day knowing people experiencing the pain your product solves are getting messages that stand out over your competitors.

Answer the
Why Now

The hardest question to answer in sales. We prioritize the prospects that have a reason to talk to your team today.

Rock Solid

We’ve cracked the code on email deliverability that the sales engagement platforms don’t want you to know (because it will kill their business)

Custom Data
Every Time

Use our AI powered targeting capabilities to go way beyond what your reps are capable of with a data provider.

Fuel Your Campaigns with Trigger-Based Data

The lists we create for your campaigns lead with trigger events instead of company firmographics. Think job openings, companies similar to customers you recently closed, or past customers who moved on to new companies, etc.

Craft Winning Copy that Speeds Past the Competition

You tell us what your product or service does and we use advanced personalizations, spintax, and all the other best practices to hook people in and get them to reply more often.

You are one click away from creating more conversations to help you win more business more often.

Common Questions
What do I get with the Email Engine?
The Email Engine is an always-on, done-for-you service that creates conversations with in market contacts on behalf of your salespeople so they can focus on building relationships instead of manual prospecting tasks.

You’ll get the following:
  • State of the art email infrastructure built to reliably deliver over 12,000 emails per month
  • 2,500 new contacts every month sourced, validated and enriched by the RevOps Shop
  • Software, domains, inboxes, and reply management training + ongoing campaign optimization.
  • 24x7 email support to launch, troubleshoot, and ensure delivery of your campaigns, with one strategic call a month to make sure that your campaigns are on track.
  • Create a sustainable moat that helps you capture demand no matter the economic climate.
Why is the data I have today not good enough?
Most companies fail at sourcing data for their prospecting efforts because they only use it to filter their total addressable market but never use it to nail an ideal customer profile or to write the message itself.

Sales teams using the RevOps Email Engine receive conversations from companies with compelling trigger events, such as:
  • The prospect’s company hiring for a role that your product can help with/replace
  • A prospect that belongs to a company that is a competitor of one of your existing customers
  • A past customer of yours that has moved on to a new company that may need your services.
None of the above is readily available from off-the-shelf data vendors like ZoomInfo, Apollo, etc., yet this can make all the difference in your email outreach.
Why do I need to focus on email deliverability?
Even if your company has the perfect message going out to the perfect list, all of your efforts are wasted if you can’t deliver the email to the top of your prospect’s inbox.The RevOps Email Engine sends low volumes of mail from dozens of accounts instead of hundreds of mail from a single account, keeping your outbound under the radar.

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