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We help revenue leaders at fast growing companies manage their numbers instead of their tech stacks.
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Why us?

Auditing CRM data

We look at your fields/properties, we analyze your TAM, and we look at your messaging to determine what the workflow should be.

Workflow mapping

Sometimes the wrong teams handle the data, even if your team is great at collecting the data. We align your customer journey to your internal teams.

CRM Dashboard

Today's sales and marketing teams need to measure and iterate weekly, not annually. We enable agility for sales and marketing leadership.
In 70 working days, the RevOps Shop helped us generate $12.4 million dollars in qualified pipeline, while simultaneously implementing our entire sales and marketing technology stack from scratch.
VP of Marketing
$40M Contract Manufacturer
RevOps and Growth Consultant for Sales and Marketing Executives

What we do

RevOps as a Service

Our most comprehensive solution allows us to be your outsourced sales and marketing operations function. The VP of Sales tenure is 18 months on average. Our RevOps as a Service SKU allows revenue leaders to manage people, not technology.

HubSpot CRM Implementation

You chose HubSpot because of the ease of use and the native connectivity to their marketing tools. Don't make the mistake of turning HubSpot into Salesforce. Our customer is the sales rep. We customize HubSpot for their day-to-day and we deliver HubSpot CRM setups that are fairly priced and deliberately flexible.

Sales Stack Builder

B2B sales reps use an average of 20 different software tools in their roles. Buyers get stuck choosing one of more than 8,000 tools available today. We pick the right tools for your process, make sure your reps adopt the technology, and help your team obliterate their numbers.

Marketing Automation + CRM Tune-Up

Stray workflows or automations erode the trust between marketing and sales, and create a really poor customer experience. We will match your acquisition process to the buyer's journey, and use software to smooth out the marketing process.

Email as a Service (Eaas)

Messaging, content strategy, prospecting, conversion rate optimization, territory management, lead management, and forecasting. We can throw in plenty of buzzwords, but we'd rather just let our work do the talking. We deliver results and have plenty of references.